the80 for Community Health Advocates and Community Health Workers

the80 is a data storytelling tool designed specifically for Community Health Advocates (CHAs) and Community Health Workers (CHWs) across the state to better understand the lives of their patients and advocate more effectively about those realities. 80% of what makes us healthy or unhealthy happens outside of the doctor’s office--most of what affects our health happens in our neighborhoods. the80 provides data-driven insight on housing, transportation, food systems, educational opportunities, and community context.

How it works

  1. CHAs and CHWs simply enter their patient’s ZIP Code into the platform to generate a report specific to that community

  2. After selecting a ZIP Code, CHWs select the social determinant of health that is most relevant to their patient’s needs.
    Food Access & Insecurity
    Community & Context

CHWs can then further customize the report for their target audience: clinical providers or community-based organizations. Content in each report is adapted to equip CHWs with best practices for communicating about and framing social determinant information for each audience. These reports are web-based, interactive, shareable, ADA accessible, and mobile optimized.