Our approach

Health Reimagined is Blue Shield of California’s ambitious plan to transform our healthcare system with innovative ideas and new technologies that improve quality while making care more affordable. We’re collaborating closely with medical providers, employers, community leaders, and others throughout the state to make this vision come to life. Health Reimagined focuses on three categories: holistic health, personal care, and high-tech, high-touch support.


Holistic health

By addressing social, environmental, clinical, genetic, and behavioral drivers of health and connecting members to essential community services, we’re helping improve the health of our communities. We have launched strategic, clinically proven pilot programs and offerings throughout the state. Since California is one of the largest, most densely populated states, and full of diversity, Blue Shield acts as a model for the rest of the nation as we push new innovations and experiment with ways to improve the healthcare system.


Personal care

Our care model is patient-centered, data-driven, and evidence-based. It gives patients and their physicians the tools, time, and space to address complex health issues, and supports and rewards better-quality health outcomes.

High tech high touch

High-tech, high-touch support

We’re implementing a suite of technology tools and services to support care that is safe, effective, and efficient while removing distractions, inefficiencies, and burdens from the provider and member experience.