High-tech, high-touch support

We’re deploying a suite of technology tools and services to support care that is safe and effective, while removing distractions and inefficiencies from the healthcare experience.

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Real Time Claims

Real-time claims

In 2019 we launched the Member Payments pilot program with OODA Health, Dignity Health Physicians to make healthcare claims and payments faster, more concise, and transparent. And now, the effort has been scaled to reach members throughout the state.

Virtual Consults

Virtual consults

We’re implementing Virtual Consults as a solution to provide access to timely, high-quality specialty care without requiring the patient to travel or experience long delays to scheduling appointments with specialists.

Virtual Transcription

Virtual transcription

We’re using the latest technology to support high-quality care that’s safe and effective. One solution we are implementing removes distractions and inefficiencies during medical appointments so providers can concentrate on their patients. It also reduces administrative burden to help restore their joy in practice.

Virtual care

Members can schedule virtual visit appointments with their regular doctors to ensure continuity of care when they are unable to travel to the office. This pilot program has been especially valuable after the Camp Fire in Butte County in 2018, and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Partners in care

Our community health advocates help our Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan’s Medi-Cal members get the best care possible by accessing community and government services – for such essentials as nutrition and housing – that are vital for good health.