Neighborhood Health Dashboard

Blue Shield of California created the Neighborhood Health Dashboard generator to be accessible to anyone and everyone--not only members or partners because we believe providing free and open access to information is imperative to elevating community health across the entire state of California. By democratizing data through technology and storytelling, Blue Shield of California has innovated how community groups and individuals interact with information and create opportunities for action, breaking down barriers to creating change.

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How to create a Neighborhood Health Dashboard

  1. Enter an address or zip code in California.
  2. Click on the highlighted area of the map.
  3. Enter up to two additional zip codes to compare community health indicators.
  4. Click on Request Dashboard.
  5. Enter your name and organization information.
  6. In a few minutes, you will receive a personalized, interactive, web-based dashboard.
  7. Click on See My Dashboard.
  8. Share, print, or export data from your customized dashboard.
  9. Each dashboard has its own unique URL/webpage, making sharing easy.

Check out these videos What's in a Neighborhood Health Dashboard? and How to share the story to help you get started.

How to use the results from your Neighborhood Health Dashboard

The use cases are wide-ranging and enable multiple audiences with health information like never before. For intentionality, impact, and accessibility to communities across the state, over 100 data indicators have been selected that best capture a holistic definition of community health and help inform action. These measures range from chronic disease outcomes to health behaviors to environmental and economic conditions.

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