Maternal Child Health

Maternal Child Health

Blue Shield of California is investing in an innovative community health-focused initiative that incorporates a high-tech, high-touch approach along with collaboration with community-based organizations to help improve support, care, and family-centered services for mothers, birthing people, and their babies. The Maternal Child Health Equity initiative offers a comprehensive program to help address disproportionate mortality rates among mothers and children, especially in underserved communities.

As part of the Maternal Child Health Equity Initiative, Blue Shield is teaming with Mahmee to offer doula services at no extra cost to ensure every pregnant and birthing person receives the support they need. Mahmee’s network of doulas provide personalized care and support at every stage of pregnancy, from the first ultrasound to baby’s first weeks. The doulas will help reduce and mitigate infant health inequities and improve the health care experience for families and infants

Frequently Asked Questions

Doulas can provide family-centered services, that are trauma informed to encourage safe and respectful care to birthing communities that have been historically marginalized. They support birthing people in prenatal visits, labor, and delivery, and post-partum period. A doula provides physical, culturally appropriate emotional, and informational support.

Doula services will be provided at no extra cost to qualifying members. The doulas will provide birth education and support to mothers throughout the prenatal, perinatal, and postpartum period (up to 12 months). They can attend any birth that is medically supervised by a licensed provider, this includes birthing centers, hospitals, and home births.

A web-based maternity and infant care management platform that provides education, support, and resources to parents during the prenatal and postpartum periods of their pregnancy journey. Please visit this link for a brief demonstration of what the sign-up process will look like for members. 

Members who are pregnant or looking to become pregnant will be directed to sign up on the Mahmee platform, where they will be connected to a care coordinator. If eligible for doula services, Mahmee’s care coordinators will provide the referral to Her Health First. Once Her Health First receives the referral, the mother can expect to be contacted by a doula within 24-72 hours. No prior commitment to the program is needed. The mother will have an opportunity to learn more about what services will be provided and ask any questions during this initial call before moving forward with a doula. 

Maven is an app-based program designed to provide education and support to mothers and their partners during and after pregnancy. Through Maven, members have access to Maven OB-GYNs, lactation consultants, doulas, mental health specialists, nutritionists, career coaches, and more. Mothers have a care advocate to help them navigate through the healthcare system.

Mahmee is an integrated care management platform for maternal and infant health that also offers virtual consults with obstetric nurses, support groups, classes, and assistance with enrollment in social services and community programs. In addition, Mahmee’s Virtual RNs serves as liaisons between care team members since providers (such as the patient’s OBGYN or doula) can join the Mahmee platform. Referrals to in-person doulas are done only through the Mahmee platform.

Neither Mahmee nor Maven replace a mother’s in-person OBGYN or care team but is meant to supplement it.

Yes, using one platform will not prevent members from using the other platform.
Many members will benefit from joining both and they are both available at no extra cost to members.

Visits typically mirror the OBGYN visit schedule unless the client demonstrates additional needs. There is no minimum or maximum number of visits covered and visits usually become more frequent in late pregnancy. Mothers can receive a referral to a doula at any stage of their pregnancy and doulas can also support mothers throughout special situations such as a pre-term birth, cesarean section, or during fetal demise/stillborn deliveries.

Blue Shield Commercial members who live within the county of Sacramento and have one of the following plan types, also known as line of business (LOBs):


This program is not available to those living outside of Sacramento County even if their work address or delivering hospital is located within Sacramento. However- all prenatal or postpartum mothers are encouraged to sign up for Mahmee even if they are outside of the eligible area as other support will be available to them.

The Blue Shield of California Communications team is working to deliver emails and direct mailers to women ages 18-45 in Sacramento County informing them of the services being offered. They can learn more and see if they are eligible at

The referrals are done through the Mahmee platform and doulas will be provided by Her Health First. Members do not need a doctor’s order.

Doula services are not deemed a covered benefit and are being provided through this BSC Pilot Program only. Qualifying Blue Shield Commercial members residing in Sacramento can access doula services through Blue Shield’s community-based partner, Her Health First, through the Mahmee platform. Only doulas provided by our community partner are approved at this time.