Advocating for change

Blue Shield advocates for public policy that is in the best interest of our members and communities – at the local, state, and national levels.

Promoting comprehensive affordability

In his 2020 budget announcement, Gov. Gavin Newsom expressed his intention to create a new California Office of Health Care Affordability to bring health care cost growth in line with increases in paychecks. Supported by Blue Shield and a diverse group of stakeholders, this groundbreaking approach would set cost and quality targets, as well as accountability for achieving affordability goals.


Health information exchange

We continued to support Manifest MedEx, a nonprofit health information network that aggregates patient records to ensure providers across the state can quickly access a patient’s history in real time.

Manifest MedEx connects 20 million patient records across 7 health plans 3 national libraries and more than 500 healthcare organizations

Statewide provider directory

We invested in Symphony, a statewide provider directory launched in January 2019, that enables all Californians to find doctors and other providers in their plan network.

Symphony aims to achieve participation from at least 80% of plans and providers in California by 2023

Disrupting drug pricing

Blue Shield of California, along with 17 other Blue Cross Blue Shield Association plans, joined with nonprofit Civica Rx to provide low-cost generic medications by early 2022.

Tackling homelessness

We committed $20 million to support Gov. Gavin Newsom’s California Access to Housing and Services fund, which aims to help solve the state’s homeless crisis together with reforms to Medi-Cal to better integrate physical and behavioral health.